Monday, July 28, 2008

An apple a day

As a recent convert to the Mac, I have looked around for a newsletter such as the Windows Secrets newsletter I read for Windows related news. TUAW has proven to be the “must read” source for me. During the week it is updated frequently through the day. The key is that it reports on all sorts of Macintosh and Mac related items, offering a precis and a link to the originating source. I became aware of many useful applications and general information since I began reading TUAW ( A superb resource.

999 messages

If you are like me, your inbox slowly transforms into a monster repository of things read and acted upon - or not.... News material from umpteen sources, aunt Sally’s latest dire threat from the internet (a.k.a. Urban Legend), lengthy lists of jokes from various relatives who find forwarding easier than writing, etc. all sharing space with those truly  important messages.  The primary focus of Merlin Mann, owner of the web site (, is “Inbox Zero”, an encouraging talk on how to slay the monster who has taken over your inbox. 

...I'll Call You

Do you include telemarketing calls in the same category as spam and junk mail delivered by the post office or with “free” community newspapers? Well our government seems to have finally woken up to the issue - sort of. As of this coming September 30th, you can add your phone number (voice and fax) to a national Do Not Call list. “Some conditions apply” as our friends in marketing fondly point out. Have a look at the web site for a preview ( - the two ambiguous characters are both lower case “L” not uppercase “I” in case you wondered; the acronyms are for the French and English versions of “do not call list”).