Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time Machine to the rescue

I continue to find reasons to support my decision over a year ago to switch to the Mac. The other night I removed an Adobe CS3 suite and Adobe Fireworks CS3 after using the CS4 upgrade for a few weeks. When I opened Photoshop CS4 today, I saw an error message telling me a file was missing from the Adobe Application Support folder and to run the Photoshop installer to re-install Photoshop. Problem. My CS4 upgrade was a multi gigabyte download with no separate Photoshop installer. Before I started up the huge upgrade file, I looked at Adobe's knowledge base. It told me my lost file was called "Adobe Unit Types.osax", residing in the Macintosh HD> Library> ScriptingAdditions folder. Using my trusty Time Machine, I rolled back a couple of days to an earlier version of that folder and bingo! there was my file. I told Time Machine to restore the folder and Photoshop was back to normal.