Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nifty Slide Show HTML5 program for iMac

For our fall auction in 2013 we had over 100 lot images from many estate sales. To post so many online was a big job so I searched for an application to simplify things. In the Apple store I found a handful. I already had Keynote and iPhoto and Lightroom which can do slideshows, but none seems easy to use.

Exhibeo on the other hand had a selection of templates, could load a whole folder at once and seemed simple. The app used HTML5 like Hype and worked like a charm. The rudimentary instructions meant you needed a basic understanding of HTML. I created a page called "index.html" within the main folder I created by exporting Exhibeo as html. I uploaded the folder and sub folders and files via Dreamweaver. The result as you can see on my Sep 15 2013 Estate Auction page worked perfectly. And it is fast to display ALL the lots shown in thumbnail form on the screen. Clicking on a lot enlarges the image. You can use the options to limit the file size. I elected to use a maximum size of 800 pixels length or width and allow the program to show an image slightly larger. Turned out to be $20 well spent!