Thursday, February 15, 2018

painless extraction or resize

The main reason I bought Affinity Photo was to resize images and extract an image from a pdf file. Both are easypeasy ... For the second one, drop the pdf file on top of the Affinity Photo icon. This will open Affinity Photo and display the pdf. If the pdf is multi page, it will offer the option to select one page or all pages. Choose the Move (v) tool which is the arrow on the tool bar below the hand. Click on the image to be extracted. It will be outlined with eight circles and a ninth circle and short line at the top.

Use the usual Cmd-Opt-Shft-S keys to display the save panel. Choose Jpeg and change the dimensions as needed. Be sure to tab so the change takes. Then choose selection with background and set the quality.

Just do the second paragraph above to resize an image. Double check that the saved image is the desired size. Easypeasy!

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