Sunday, October 19, 2008

Speedier by Adobe

I have been a fan of Adobe products for many years now. This month the Creative Suite 4 series was released. I had the pleasure of using the beta version of Dreamweaver CS4 this past summer. The new release makes use of the GPU and video memory on those computers like the iMac which have an independent video card. The speed improvement is especially noticeable working with images in Photoshop or Bridge.  With the strong focus on improving the user interface - especially in the old Macromedia products - making things speedier, improving cross-application integration, and adding some great new features make this release worth the money for all designers. 

Adobe is a strong example of a company that is right in tune with the modern era - great user oriented design, tremendous support (check Adobe TV on the web), and truly effective retailing via the web. I was able to buy the upgrade late on a Saturday evening and download the huge 4.8 Gb file. Once downloaded a couple of hours later, the file did a self check for transmission errors before allowing me to proceed with the installation.