Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photographic Canadiana Index

For our 25th Anniversary in year 2000, I updated the index to our journal, Photographic Canadiana and  Bob Lansdale took my database records and typeset them in QuarkXpress to produce a 42 page paper index. Since 2000, technology has changed. For our 35th Anniversary which begins this May, we plan to include an updated index of 35 years of the journal on a DVD featuring all 35 years of the publication. Meantime, I have the index itself available in a searchable pdf file on the web. The index allows you to search the wealth of material the PHSC has published over the years. The initial web update covers the first 34 years, then as the four issues of volume 35 are published I will add their content to the online index. Enjoy.

Postcards and Photographica

Ed Warner and I attended the Postcard Show today. There is an overlap with photographica - some postcards are photographic cards, like the 1910 picture of the Barrie Market Hall shown here. And some dealers have images like this pretty Notman portrait of Miss Fortescue of Montreal taken in 1891. How did I know this detail? Because Notman thoughtfully included a reference number on the back of each of his photographs - 96548 in this case - and the McCord Museum in Montreal has a search box on its website for such data. I also saw a number of albums - some with quite attractive photographs, and even glass plate negatives that were amateur, not studio. Some dealers also have papers and ephemera - bits and pieces of history, sometimes of photographic interest, like the letter from Kodak that enclosed a number of old brochures on commercial darkroom gear.