Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEX-5 Caps Arrive

They arrived today - two soft grey caps for my Sony NEX-5 - about four weeks from Hong Kong through the Christmas season. And they fit correctly. While third-party as expected, the caps are marked "for SONY" with the "for" in a very small font size. And they fit (Did I mention that?). Imagine, the caps cost me far less than buying the official Sony models, including shipping half-way around the world. IF Sony Canada had offered the real McCoy for $5.99 - the same as Sony USA - and not the terribly inflated $11.99, I would have the black authentic rear cap on my lens instead of this neat grey third-party cap from China.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thoughts on Marketing

Some companies seem unaware of Google and the Web as tool for the consumer. This December, body and rear lens caps for the E-mount (used by the popular NEX cameras and lenses) arrived at the North American Sony stores. Sony.com advertised the caps at a price of $5.99 US each while Sony.ca offered them for $11.99 each - TWICE the price in spite of our dollar being at PARITY with the greenback over the past 12 plus months!

Think of it - our Canadian branch of Sony feels it is necessary to sell the same bit of “made in China” plastic for DOUBLE the US price to make a profit.

I wrote Sony Canada Customer Service an email and received a very polite personal response. Unfortunately, it offered the usual bromides about the cost of doing business in Canada - high taxes, small market, regulations, rental costs, lower volume than the American Sony, hence smaller price breaks, etc., etc. I considered suggesting it is time for Sony to reorganize and eliminate the various geographic fiefdoms. In the end, I decided it was not worthwhile to get into a debate with customer service at this level.

Instead, I went online, Googled “NEX body caps”, and bought TWO caps from FotoForEasy in Hong Kong at a price of $7.21 Canadian including shipping...