Monday, February 7, 2011

Russian Hackers

“The Russians are coming the Russians are coming” was a very funny movie in 1966. Today not so funny. This fall, some Cyrillic scumbags hacked our web site. How do I know they were Russian? Because one php script I found was a notorious r57shell with all the box captions in cyrillic.

I found three scripts and dozens of phony html pages and images of luxury goods. Most of the pages were buried umpteen folders deep. You may recall getting spam offering fabulous deals on luxury goods. The links take you to these hidden pages on sites like ours and work away at separating you and your money.

If the thieves had broken into my store and stolen goods I could call the police. Not so with cybercrime. This hopefully starts changing this coming September 2011 when we catch up with the rest of the G8 countries and activate an anti-spam law - Bill C-28.