Sunday, February 18, 2018

let there be light (finally)

And on June 20th, 2017 we were finally connected to Fibe TV via fibre cable.

To my surprise, the contracted technician (Bell long ago shed most outside and other none-core personnel) had to run a very long drop from the aerial terminal at the north west corner of our lot to the north east corner pole, strapped to the overhead cable, and then into the furnace room on the east side of my house.

While manuals have not yet appeared (last checked late 2017) the numerous electronic boxes had been consolidated to one plus a backup power cube. The telephone (land line) now goes over the fibre cable with the router converting the signal so installed in-house telephone cabling can be used as it is. The set top boxes (STBs) and internet are all connected via wifi emanating from the furnace room mounted router eliminating any need for data cables. Each TV has a wifi enabled set top box with a built-in hard drive for recording TV shows (my computers, printer, and iPod Touch all have wifi too).

During a power outage, the backup battery, can keep the telephone and internet connections going for up to four hours. Only the IPTV signal is lost. Upstairs the STB is 4K (our TV is HD just now) and downstairs it is HD. The TV signal - voice and video - still freeze at times for a second or two but the loss of signal as the trees begin adding leaves no longer happens (our old dish PVR was in bad shape with only a few receivers working at all to receive signals from space. And the resolution is so much better too if we watch HD channel signals.

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