Monday, April 30, 2018

give me a ring

Last December was so cold my wedding ring fell off and I lost it. A week long search came to nada.

By April, it was time to replace the missing bit of jewellery. How times have changed in half a century! Most rings today look down right ugly to me.

Modern day stores view 10k as sturdy and 14k as a softer alternative.  The Birks clerk said they sell only 18k, with a sniff and a toss of the head. We thought the larger stores and the larger malls would have a wider choice. Not so. The larger chain jewellery shops did offer more, but had to send to a warehouse to get the correct size - about a month or so. The few chain department stores around had little choice and indifferent staff. One clerk at a large jewellery store suggested a small private shop with its own craftsman would custom make a ring.

Great idea as it turned out. We saw the man at our favourite small shop and sealed the deal. He would make a ring similar to the lost one and at a reasonable price.